Au Lac Restaurant Highlights with Doreet

Doreet visits with Mai Nguyen and her daughter, Linh of Au Lac Restaurants. Click here to watch the video.

The UNcooking Show goes to Au Lac Restaurant DTLA

Vietnamese Street Smoothie You don't have to go to Vietnam to enjoy this spectacular Vietnamese Street Smoothie. Just get a few key ingredients: raw sugar cane juice, avocado, fresh coconut, camu cami and ground vanilla. Pop this in the blender, do...


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Media Appearances

Three UnchainedTV shows with wildly different approaches to vegan outreach are Vintage Veg, Jamie’s Corner, and The UNcooking Show, all hosted by talented vegans.Click here to watch.Please take a moment (while commuting, cleaning the house etc) or...

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Tools and Equipment Tools and Equipment used in the preparation of raw foods.

How to Make a highly Nutritious and Delicious Living Cheese Board

How to Make a highly Nutritious and Delicious Living Cheese Board The UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet • 12m 08s Most people find the hardest part of going vegan is to give up cheese. But, you don't have to! Vegan cheese is here and it's getting...

Holiday Meal Video

The UNcooking Show Holiday Meal Video he UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet • 16s Educational with the intention of changing our relationship with Food. Watch Now

Is it Soup Yet?

Is It Soup Yet? The UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet • 9m 38s Doreet is one of America's leading raw, vegan chefs! Soup never sounded or tasted this exciting! Wow! Rock out with this superfood spectacular. Watch Now

Mushroom Gravy, Dips, and Dressings

Mushroom Gravy, Dips & Dressings! The UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet • 6m 16s Doreet, Mistress of the Raw Kitchen, brings us totally rawsome sides and dressings on the UNcooking show! Are you ready to Shroom it? Watch Now