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The UNcooking Show is a disruptive, gourmet, culinary show that teaches how to merge the Natural World into our kitchens and make this the mainstay of our lives.

Certified Living Foods Chef, Doreet, our founder & Executive Chef, promotes the Natural World as the central theme in our kitchens and culinary choices. All the recipes are plant-based, living foods which use high vibration, organic, biodynamic or wildcrafted gourmet ingredients to foster healing and self care.

The UNcooking Show airs on UnchainedTV by downloading the Unchainedtv app on Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, etc.


Unlock the UNcooking Show’s Recipes today!

Discover the hitherto undisclosed or unknown techniques to creating delicious, truly healthy meals with The UNcooking Show – the ultimate online course for aspiring home chefs & health seekers! Our course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of plant-based UN-cooking, helping you to create delicious meals that are both healthy, delicious, energizing, healing and deeply nutritious.

Easy to Follow
Our step-by-step video tutorials make it easy to learn the basics of plant-based NON- cooking, no matter your skill level.

Nutritious Meals
Learn how to create delicious and nutritious meals with our comprehensive course while exploring your own creative culinary skills and enhancing them.

Delicious Recipes
Discover a variety of delicious recipes that you can make with ease while getting away from the heat & long hours in the kitchen

Start your journey to becoming a master UN-cooking gourmet chef with The UNcooking Show today!

LAUNCHING in August 2023- The UnCooking Show VIP Membership Club.